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Requirement Analysis

In this process of determining user expectations for a new or modified product, we at Coherent Labs understand the nuances of capturing & scoping software requirements & the importance that it carries in a software development lifecycle. Because of the well-known fact that these requirements must be quantifiable, relevant & detailed, we put the best of our team efforts in Requirement Analysis.


UX or User Experience design is basically how a person feels when interfacing with the system. It comprises of analysis of many aspects such as Usability, Design, Accessibility, Marketing, System Performance, Ergonomics, Utility and Human Factors. UI or User Interface design on the other hand is the process of crafting a visual language and hierarchy that allows user to use and engage an application, which makes the experience aesthetically pleasing. When use is the primary goal, attention becomes the prerequisite, which should be conserved at all costs & nothing better than a Good UI can do that task.

Although just having a store in Galleries Lafayette won't prevent the Users to fend off until you provide the quality inside out, hence having a good product underneath a Pleasing design is a must & so do we ensure the same with a quality UX Design.


It's the phase where ideas & concepts take structural shape in implementation code. The approach used portrays what will the implementation be like, will it be a properly crafted sculpture or an odd looking structure, coz it's the phase where all the planned hits with chisel & hammer on the marble take place so as to achieve a perfectly crafted sculpture.


It's the process of evaluating a system or its components with the intent to find whether it satisfies the specified requirements or not, because without making sure via testing there is no way to ascertain that the given implementation will ever achieve the targets it was originally meant to in specifications. Hence we come up with a rigorous test plan to verify the specifications of the system/ application under test so as to eliminate any future adventures during deployment.


Methodological procedure of introducing a program/application to all applicable areas where the application is intended to be used so as to increase productivity or prove beneficial for the users of the system.


It stands for all the modifications or updates done once the product is delivered, so as to keep the product usable & productive over the given period of time. There may be various reasons why we need to maintain an application which may be because of Market Conditions, Host Modifications, Client Requirements or Organization Changes. Depending on the purpose of maintenance, it can either be Corrective, Adaptive, Preventive or Perfective. One thing for sure it's not the Development that takes too much efforts but the Maintenance that really matters, coz without maintenance the project slowly dies. Here at Coherent Labs we pay utter attention to deploy our resources strategically so as to maintain our older projects along with bringing new Ideas to life.